Overlooking our beautiful Estuary, the Mt Pleasant Centre was rebuilt after the earthquakes and reopened in October, 2016. 

The Centre is run by the Mt Pleasant Residents' Association and is one of only two community centres funded by their Residents' Associations in Christchurch. 


The Mt Pleasant Residents' Association cares about everyone in our community and these are our values:

Connectedness – we work to connect residents with each other, and with what is happening in the neighbourhood.

Active participation – we welcome and encourage all residents’ participation in the planning and implementation of programmes and projects.

Responsive leadership – we take action on issues that affect our community.

Community–led – we actively seek residents’ ideas about what is important.

Preparedness – we plan so that our community is ready to respond in a disaster, to help each other and to be able to assist other neighborhoods.

Stewardship – we manage and maintain the resources we have for the future benefit of our neighbourhood and the wider community.

Aroha – we care about the well-being of everyone in our neighbourhood.

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