Mount Pleasant Oral History

The Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association commissioned an historic account of the Memorial Community Centre and Mount Pleasant development based primarily on oral histories in 2010. Participants shared a wealth of memories from over the years – since the first quarter of the 20th century in some cases. The following overview summarises some of the general findings of the research.

The Association welcomes any additional information you may have about Mt Pleasant’s history as we are seeking to have a written history completed about this topic within the next twelve months. Please contact if you wish to share anything.

Interviews were conducted from 5 August to 14 October 2010 and were generally conducted in the participants’ homes. Susan Kornfeld, a Mount Pleasant resident, conducted all interviews.

Interviews ranged from one to nearly three hours. Follow-up interviews were conducted with most participants. Participants were not compensated in any way. All volunteered their time.

Many photographs were provided. Most came from participant scrapbooks, several were taken from the 75th Mount Pleasant School Jubilee DVD provided by Gillian Fox, and a few are available from the National Library or other public sources.

Overview of the Interviews

Several long-time participants reflected on the development of Mount Pleasant from a pastoral “distant” suburb to a well developed and fully integrated community:

Additional Developments and Milestones Noted in Interviews