Life on the Hill in the 1970’s

“Those Were the Days”

 Life on the Hill in the 1970’s



Our branch of the AAW (Association of Anglican Women) had been established many years ago, by a group of ladies in the Heathcote Valley and to this day still retains the name of Heathcote-Mt Pleasant AAW.

We “young ones” then, joined Young Wives and meetings were held at each other’s homes.  Later, when we “came of age or nearly grandparents” we joined the AAW (more senior members).

Heathcote-Mt Pleasant  AAW is still very active and we meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Church of Ascension, Mt Pleasant and have various Speakers. We are one of the few AAW groups in Christchurch that welcome people from all denominations.

If you would like know more about us, you can contact our Leader, Anne Denniston on Phone 384 5467.

Sometime later a “Babysitting Club” was formed.   This enabled young couples to go out for an evening and we would take turns to go and look after their children. A register was kept of the hours we did and we got ourselves well into “credit” so we had the opportunity to dine out or go to Shows etc.  We got to know a lot of people and even now look back on those enjoyable times.

We shared the transport of our ‘little ones’ to Kindergarten, where the mothers would pick up several children. Many of those children formed long lasting friendships.

Mothers took turns in being ‘mother helpers’ for the staff, which was very enjoyable and quite entertaining.  The children loved their mothers being there.

We also had what they called “Progressive Dinners” in the 70’s.  We would go to different homes for the Entrées, Main Course and Dessert.  The last house also became a very “late” night!

It was the era of Neil Diamond and Abba music and, one time, we even rolled back the carpet, so we could dance!  They were ‘great times’.

Soleares Avenue, which climbed steeply to its junction with Mt Pleasant Road, was named by developer Bernard Blogg, (people knew him as ‘Bernie’ Blogg).    (To us it was always

“Blogg’s Subdivision” and was formed in the early 60’s.   Some children, living on Soleares Avenue, would take a short cut through the valley, (which later became Toledo Place), to connect with Mt Pleasant Road and walk to the Mt Pleasant School. (We never had a bus service running on the hill, until very many years later).


Suzanne Stewart

January 2012