Cannon Hill

Humphrey’s Drive

20120801 humphreys drive FINAL

Main Road

26 April 2015 20150424 Urgent update Main Road, Mt Pleasant, intersection closures SCIRT10909, 10655

Main Road start work

20121123 Main Road FINAL

McCormacks Bay Road 12 October 2012

McCormacks Bay Road will be closed around Maffeys Road intersection from this week to early February, 2013. The retaining wall is being rebuilt.

McCormacks Reservoir update 13 July12

Update McCormacks Bay Road subwater incl school bus route SCIRT 10629

McCormacks Bay Newsletter Stages 1-4 SCIRT 10629

McCormacks Bay Road – Stage 2 subwater SCIRT 10629

Mt Pleasant Road

20121114 Mt Pleasant Rd work notice FINAL

Mt Pleasant Road investigations_FINAL

Port Hills

Work noticeCCCnr Blast#2

Rangitira Tce Works Notice

20120816 start work notice Rangitira FINAL

Seamount Tce

20121012 Seamount Terrace FINAL

Soleares Ave

Soleares Ave, works notice SCIRT 10907