Emergency Survival Items and Getaway Kit


Kiwitreat eco sewage treatment system

Fire Safety

Know how to make your home safe from fire 

Response and Resilience Planning

MPCC together with interested members of the community is currently developing a Response and Resilience plan for civil emergencies. This process is being led by Roy Montgomery supported by Robin Arnold, two local residents with a keen interest in this subject.If you would like to join this working group please contact Robin robinism@gmail.com or phone her on 980 2890. The group meets as required.

Mt Pleasant Draft Response and Resilience Plan

Please find a link to the draft Response and Resilience Plan here Mount Pleasant Community Response Plan July 2014

Neighbourhood Coordinators Programme

To find out more about this programme which forms part of Mt Pleasant’s overall Response and Resilience plan click here Neighbourhood Coordinators Programme

Red Cross

Disaster Management Hazard-app can be found here. 

Tsunami Risk

Notes of Tsunami Sirens Meeting 14 May 2012

Media Release Sirens for ‘distant tsunami’ 15 May 2012