Neighbourhood Coordinators Programme

Closely aligned to the development of the Response and Resilience plan is the development of the Neighbourhood Coordinators programme. MPCC ideally would like to have a Coordinators for every 20 houses in the area so that our community is well connected and therefore naturally in a better position when emergency situations strike be they earthquake, fire, storm or tsunami.

All coordinators are encouraged to work with a buddy to improve communication and coverage in the event of an emergency. If you would like to become a Neighbourhood Coordinator or find out more, contact Linda on or phone 384-2160. To become a member of an existing group or to check if there is such a group set up in your street contact Linda also. Please see our coordinator map MapCoordEx1Dec2012

Why become a Neighbourhood Coordinator?

Neighbourhood Support aims to help communities support their members in day to day life and during emergencies. It is much more than the old ‘Neighbourhood Watch’. Neighbourhood Support now has a database on which all members’ details can be recorded. This can include your contact details, what resources and skills you have that could be of use during an emergency, and what needs you have.

Neighbourhood Support Co-ordinators have several important roles (which they can delegate as necessary!) which are mainly concerned with communication:

In the case of an emergency:

This does not mean you need to do the physical checking – just ensure there is a system in place for your street.

Each group has two co-ordinators and, because of their role in an emergency, it would help if one of them is based in Mt Pleasant during the day. The role of Street Coordinator is one of those funny things it takes very little time once up and running but it is vital for our resilience in times of emergency.

Help make our community stronger and more prepared, become a co-ordinator…