Ferrymead Bridge reopens 21 March 2015

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Friday 20 March 2015

Replacement Ferrymead Bridge to reopen to traffic

The replacement Ferrymead Bridge will open to traffic this weekend, four years on from the February 2011 earthquakes that caused significant damage to the original bridge and ground conditions under the Ōpāwaho / Heathcote River.

Councillor Phil Clearwater, Chair of the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee, says the return of traffic to the main Ferrymead Bridge is another sign that the Christchurch rebuild is on track.

“This is a significant milestone for the ongoing Christchurch rebuild. This project has been one of the most challenging engineering projects for the city, especially given the complex foundation conditions in this post-earthquake environment.

“This project has taken longer than normal, but what we need to understand is the very different and unforeseen events and conditions that we in Christchurch have to live and operate in. We have made sure that we evaluated all safety and structural options to ensure the bridge is capable of withstanding earthquake events exceeding those experienced during the Canterbury Earthquakes. Safety is paramount, so fully examining all aspects of the design and construction of the replacement bridge was a major factor for this project.

“Due to the unique ground conditions in this area, complex engineering solutions needed to be incorporated into the construction of the replacement bridge. As well as supporting the new road-deck, crucially, the bridge houses essential lifeline services such as communication and power cables, and sewer and water supplies to the local community,” Councillor Clearwater says.

Following the reopening of the main road deck this weekend, there will be further work on the road approaches to the bridge. All four lanes will be open to traffic by July 2015, when the project is scheduled to be complete. Final landscaping is due to take place in Spring 2015.

General Manager Infrastructure Rebuild John Mackie says the patience shown by the local community has been great and helped the project progress on schedule.

“We can’t thank to the local community enough for its patience throughout this project. We understand the significance of this bridge to people who regularly travel out this way. We have been conscious of the works impacting on people’s journey times and will continue to do our best to minimise this, right through to the end of the works,” Mr Mackie says.

The total cost of the project is $34.87 million of which the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has provided approximately $22.12 million.

Replacement Ferrymead Project Cost Breakdown

  • Cost to date (Including original design, consent, partial construction, earthquake recovery works, detailed geotechnical investigations, new design, traffic and services diversions to rebuilt temporary bridges): $9.55 million.
  • Construction including demolition of the original bridge and new approach roads and new service connections: $21.39 million.
  • Provisional sums including insurance costs, construction monitoring and contingency: $3.93 million.


Replacement Ferrymead Bridge Timeline:

  • August 2010 – Construction commenced on the strengthening of the original bridge.
  • February 2011 – The series of earthquakes resulted in major damage to the original bridge and the construction works.
  • December 2011 – The Council resolved to demolish the original bridge and build a completely new replacement bridge.
  • January 2012 to December 2012 – Replacement bridge design, preliminary enabling work, and material procurement work.
  • January 2013 – The original bridge was demolished.
  • February 2013 – The construction of the new replacement bridge begins with the extensive piling work.
  • August 2014 to October 2014 – New wastewater and water mains connected.
  • September 2014 to November 2014 – New bridge handrails and fixtures installed.
  • October 2014 to December 2014 – Installation of essential services, power and communications onto the new bridge; construction of stormwater system for the new road layout.
  • January 2015 to April 2015 – Permanent road approach work, including lighting, footpaths and retaining walls.
  • March 2015 – New Ferrymead Bridge will be ready for use and traffic will switch over from the temporary bridges.
  • April 2015 to July 2015 – Temporary bridges and site offices will be disestablished.
  • July 2015 – Project is expected to be completed, except for final landscaping.
  • Spring 2015 – Landscaping of planting areas around the new bridge.

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