Local Councillors Endorse Removal of Coastal Hazards Chapter

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Hagley/Ferrymead Ward Councillors Yani Johanson and Paul Lonsdale have today endorsed the announcement in removing the Coastal Hazards Chapter of the District Plan Review until more work is done at a central government level. Both Councillors had raised concerns and sought more information on what was a significant proposal that had huge implications for land use across a large amount of the Hagley/Ferrymead ward. Given the time constraints with the fast track district plan review process, it become apparent that there was insufficient time to fully consider the consequences and engage meaningfully with affected communities over such a significant decision. The original proposal caused extensive stress and alarm and it was clear that the approach was too rushed. We are glad that our requests to Government to slow this process down have been listened to and acted on. The solutions should be developed by working in a careful and considered manner with appropriate consideration of various options and mechanisms to address the issue other than simple land use zoning.

Cr Yani Johanson, Hagley/Ferrymead ward:
“I welcome the removal of this chapter from the District Plan review. Clearly coastal hazards are in important issue going forward but much more work was needed on Council’s proposal in regards to the best way to address these challenging issues. Removing it now gives time for Council to work on its Natural Hazards Strategy and its Infrastructure Strategy in a constructive collaboration with local communities and government as to what the best approach is.”

Cr Paul Lonsdale, Hagley/Ferrymead ward:
“Having local authorities working on their own plans and policies in isolation will undoubtedly cause inconsistencies around the country. Removing the chapter from this process will enable time to work with the government on a nationwide policy that can be implemented on a local level.”

For further comment:
Cr Yani Johanson – ph 021 799 321
Cr Paul Lonsdale – ph 021 223 3963

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