Mt Pleasant News 11 September 2015

Monday, September 14th, 2015


Second Stage of Coastal Pathway opens

It was a wonderful opening of the Second Stage of the Coastal Pathway last Friday. It was great to have the Mayor present to lend her weight to the event but the but the stars of the show were the Mt Pleasant school Kapa Haka group. They did us proud despite the bitterly cold weather. Well done kids!

Stone Wall no more – St Andrews Hill and Main Road

Upon inquiry last week we learned that the beautiful heritage stone wall on the corner of St Andrews Hill and Main Roads was not going to be re-instated following council footpath repairs. Why? Because council agreed with Chorus that it could be replaced with a wooden fence – how dare they! This wall was one of a series on Main Road and formed part of lovely entrance way into the Mt Pleasant area. No one asked the community what value we placed on this wall. It seems ridiculous now that we were asked what natives we wanted planted in the grounds behind the stone wall when it had already been decided that we did not need to be consulted over the future of the wall itself. This act just tops off what has been a very bad consultation job done over the St Andrews Hill/Bridlepath road intersection changes.
Good bye beautiful stone wall, we will miss you.

Mapping the Damage in Mt Pleasant
The results of the August survey of demolitions and repairs to our housing stock has now been published. You can view the reports and maps here.

What’s On

Community Builders Workshop – Saturday week
Next Saturday from 1pm to 4pm we (the community) are holding a community building workshop. Anyone interested in community building is welcome to attend especially people new to the suburb. Mt Pleasant has changed an awful lot over the last four years with many new residents moving in and many older ones now gone. At the workshop we will hear presentations from Tony Aldridge regarding our changing housing stock and Chris Nord, principal of Mt Pleasant School about the nature of the changes he is seeing. We will discuss how we can grow our community ‘s many strengths. To register please email
How can you help – if you have new neigbhours please print off this newsletter and given it to them so they too receive this invitation.

Redcliffs Fair
The fabulous Redcliffs Fair is on again this September 20. To find out all about it please read here.

Bolder Bay Classic Run

Sunday 1 November is the date of the Bolder Bay Classic run.

What sort of City are we building?

This is the topic of a public dialogue series beginning this month.See here for details.

Sea Levels Past and Present

Sea level past, present and future: issues for coastal communities in the Anthropocene A presentation by Matthew Hughes. Sumner School Hall, Sunday 27th September, 6-8 p.m. All welcome. The issue of climatic sea-level rise and local government responses through coastal planning has recently become topical in Christchurch. This talk will provide some context to current debates. Dr Matthew Hughes is a Lecturer in Geohazards, Risk and Resilience in the Departments of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering and Geological Sciences at the University of Canterbury. Matthew is a Sumner resident, and is a member of the Sumner Volunteer Fire Brigade.

The Alpine Garden Show – Woolston Club

It will be great to have this Annual Show a little closer to home this year. Details here

Cup of Tea By the Sea

There will be a presentation by Council officers regarding the change proposed by Council to the way we elect our Councillors and Community Board members at the next year’s elections. See Council News below. Monday, 14 Sept, 10am at the Temporary Centre. All welcome.


Dr Rob Gordon revisits Christchurch in face of 5 year anniversary
With the recent 5 year anniversary of the Christchurch quakes, many find life’s ‘new normal’ has left us weary, stressed or struggling. This meeting will help you understand where we’re at in our recovery and what can help you live well in uncertain times. Dr Rob Gordon is an international specialist in disaster psychology with 30 years supporting communities affected by disaster. Dr Rob has a wealth of insight that people throughout Christchurch (and internationally) have found incredibly helpful. This is a free event provided with support by CERA. However, to provide adequate seating, please RSVP to: or phone: 3834895
Notice Board
Driver now available in Mt Pleasant

We are pleased to report we have now have a volunteer driver for anyone in the community needing a ride due to ill health or lack of transport. Think elderly neighbors or someone unable to drive themselves and let us know. We will put you in touch with our new wonderful volunteer driver. 384-1656.
The Rotary Club of Ferrymead
The Ferrymead Rotary Club which has supported your community for over 20 years, meets every Tuesday at 18.00 at Speights Ale House in Waterman Place, Ferrymead. You are most welcome to come along and hear all about Rotary’s involvement in local,international and youth self – improvement programmes, and enjoy presentations from interesting speakers in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Who knows, you might even consider joining the 1.2 million global network of Rotarians, having fun making a difference .
Today we were at Te Waka Unua  school to give prizes to children who have succeeded in Rotary’s Healthy Heroes Programme. The Programme challenges 8-12 year olds to physical activity, healthy eating, adequate sleep, mind stretching and helping others. The aim is to build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. The children were great (and so were the teachers) and we took part in their assembly.Why not find out more and contact me Kai at 3849 485 or
at or have a look at our website or both.

Tsunami Warning System Testing 27 Sept

Tsunami Warning System testing is coming up on Sunday September 27th at the start of Day light savings. Christchurch’s tsunami warning system is tested twice a year at 11am on the Sundays that Daylight Saving begins and ends. The sirens will sound for one to two minutes (more)
Are you feeling concerned about being away later this year or even during 2016?
Perhaps you are worried about who will care for your pet and keep a good eye on your home?
We may be able to be there for you as we are going to be commencing a rebuild and wish to remain in the area east of the Ferrymead bridge. We love animals are are very house proud indeed. Please call if you would like to discuss this further. Pauline or Terry on 03 3841 856 or Pauline 021 2572645, Terry 021 433506.
Council News
Council Representation Review

The Council is suggesting a new boundary system for how we elected our councillors and community board. What is proposed is a radical change for Mt Pleasant, Sumner & Redcliffs. We will be having a community presentation about what this involves this Monday, 10am at the Temporary Community Centre. All welcome. For more information please see here.
Stage Three District plan submissions – extended

Please see here for detail 
Works Notices

Maffeys Road, Mt Pleasant Mass Movement Remediation. The notice sent today by SCIRT is faulty so we cannot post it here.Please check the SCIRT website for the update.

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