Aug 11, 2011

> Community Update – 12 August 2011 CBD Draft Rebuild This plan has now been released please check it out . There will be a road show, an international speaker series and drop in centres where you can find out more about the plan. We strongly encourage you to submit on the draft plan… (read more)

>Pleasant News July 2011

Jul 27, 2011

>Please find the July Pleasant News by clicking this link

>Mt Pleasant Earthquake Stories

Jul 27, 2011

>Ten Mt Pleasant Residents have told their stories about how the February 22 2011 earthquake affected them, you can find those stories here . If you would like to have your story told please write to us at and we will post your story on the Mt Pleasant web site.

>Community Update – 30 June 2011

Jun 30, 2011

> Mt Pleasant Facebook Have you joined the Mt Pleasant Community Facebook page yet? Our site address is: This site is updated very regularly with all things relevant to Mt Pleasant Residents and is the best way for us to get a message out to residents quickly. With over 800 visits this week alone… (read more)

>Community Update 21 June 2011

Jun 20, 2011

> Mt Pleasant Community Update 21 March 2011 Minutes of Last Week’s Community Meeting If you scroll to the last item on this newssheet you will find the minutes of the Mt Pleasant Community meeting held last Wednesday evening to discuss earthquake related issues. Evan Smith of CanCern and Greg Young of Mt Pleasant were… (read more)

>Community Update 15 June 2011

Jun 15, 2011

> Most Important – Please check on your elderly neighbours or anyone else living alone to see that they are coping or if they have any immediate needs. If so please contact The following is all Civil Defence info. The information is organised so that the most recent info is at the beginning. There… (read more)

>Community Update 27 May 2011

May 27, 2011

> Community meeting coming up soon MPCC (Mt Pleasant Community Centre and Residents’ Association) is organising a meeting for Mt Pleasant residents to discuss earthquake issues EQC and Geotech. To stay informed of time and date, either join the mailing list at, follow the facebook page at, or join the email group of… (read more)

>Community Update 21 May 2011

May 22, 2011

> 23 May deadline for claims for damage from 22 February earthquake Scroll to the bottom of newsletter for info. Words of Warning on the rebuilding process from a local resident in the trade. Now that we’re starting to get some building action in Mt Pleasant local resident Greg Young offers the following advice. As… (read more)

May 10, 2011

> Help keep our Flames alive Our own local restaurant Flames is finding business tough post-eathquake. The closure of Soleares Ave has had a real impact and now the temporary closure of McCormacks Bay too. We have already lost our local dairy and café so let’s try to keep Flames alive by giving it our… (read more)

>Community Update 4 May 2011

May 4, 2011

> Mt Pleasant Community Update 4 April 2011 Interesting Public Presentation on what is happening to Our Estuary The Ihutai Trust is hosting speakers Dr Lesley Bolton-Ritchie and Michele Stevenson from Environment Canterbury to present two pieces of work currently being carried out on the Estuary at present. 1. Change in water quality in the… (read more)