Residents Submission to 2015 Representation Review

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015


The residents who met to make this submission would like to acknowledge that the current council and community board representation is the best they have enjoyed for many years. There is a feeling of wide community engagement and residents feel heard by the elected members. We are fearful that this quality of representation may be lost in the proposed Representation Review.

General Principles

We do not support the proposal of 16 wards as it pertains to our location as it is not providing for adequate representation for the Port Hill suburbs of Sumner, Redcliffs and Mt Pleasant paired as it is with the whole of the Banks Peninsular area.

The proposal for Councillor Representation, for the area of Sumner Lyttelton, to be reduced from two positions to one is not supported by our group due to the large geographic area the Councillor would be expected to travel to adequately represent the area.

Additionally, the proposed Lyttelton Sumner ward, due to its close proximity to the epicentre of the February 22 earthquake and the severe impacts of that and successive earthquakes are still very evident in our ward. Under these circumstances having only one councillor would result in an unfair representation for the people of the ward and place an unfair work load on the sole elected councillor.

We submit that an increase in the number of wards should be made to provide adequate provision for our area or, that the rural area of Banks Peninsula is not included in the Lyttelton Sumner ward. If the whole of Banks Peninsula is included in the Lyttelton Sumner ward we believe the circumstances of this geographic area warrant two councillors for this ward even if this is just until the next Representation Review in 2021.

Community of Interest

The residents of Mt Pleasant feel strongly that their community of interest is linked to that of our sister suburbs of Redcliffs and Sumner but feel equally as strongly connected to the Ferrymead commercial area and the residential suburb of Brookhaven. The current proposal does not include the later areas but instead cuts Mt Pleasant off at the western side of Ferrymead Bridge.

Ferrymead Commercial area

Mt Pleasant being largely a dormitory suburb without its own village or shopping centre is serviced by the Ferrymead commercial area. This area contains our supermarket and our local post office (TakeNote) and hardware store as well as numerous other cafes and amenities.

For at least two decades the commercial area of Ferrymead has formed part of the Council’s officially recognised residential area of the Mt Pleasant Residents Association.


The majority of Mt Pleasant residents use the major arterials of Ferry Road and Linwood Avenue to travel to the city for work and education.  These routes are vital life lines to us and what happens to them is of great concern to us.

It is important to us that the road and cycling corridors of Ferry Road, Humphrey’s Drive and Linwood Avenue remain within our ward area.  We want our councillor/s to have influence over issues which pertain to these key road corridors for our community.

Greenspace and the Estuary

Additionally, the Charlesworth Reserve is a precious reserve and green space to many Mt Pleasant residents bordering as it does the western end of the Estuary. Many hill residents share guardianship of this reserve as well as the Estuary edge along with many locals from Brookhaven. This is demonstrated through attendance at planting days and maintenance of that reserve

The suburb of Brookhaven

The residents who live in Brookhaven have strong ties with Mt Pleasant and vice versa as many people leaving Mt Pleasant in retirement age choose to live in Brookhaven due to its views and close proximity to the Port Hills.

Similarly many young families living in Brookhaven choose to send their children to Mt Pleasant School rather than send them west to Woolston. Brookhaven currently forms part of the Mt Pleasant school zone.

Given the above reasons we believe it is logical to leave Mt Pleasant paired not simply with Redcliffs and Sumner but Brookhaven and the Ferrymead commercial area.

Natural boundary

We therefore see that Dyers Road is a natural and very clear western boundary for our ward area.

Conversely we do not see that there is any real community of interest between ourselves and Lyttlelton and Banks Peninsula . Mt Pleasant residents may visit the Peninsula but this is not on a daily basis or as part of our everyday lives. Even a visit to Lyttelton is an excursion for our residents as much as it is for many Christchurch residents.

There is no natural community of interest between our suburb and these areas.

Increased delegations to Community Boards

We support Community Boards having increased delegations.

Ward name

We do not support the proposed name of the Lyttelton Summer ward

The writers of this submission submit that the ward name should be changed to be more reflective all of all geographical communities covered by the ward.

We would suggest the name become Estuary – Hills or Port Hills/Estuary or if the ward  remains as it is currently drawn, it is renamed Lyttelton-Mt Pleasant to better reflect that Mt Pleasant is the suburb of the most population and lies at the most western  end of the current proposed ward.

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