Te Reo Classes at Heathcote Community Centre

Friday, August 17th, 2018

At the Heathcote Valley Community Centre (https://hvcc.org.nz | 45 Bridle Path Road)  we’re so glad to have such enthusiastic te reo students.  We’re thrilled to be about to start the Maori course for the third consecutive term and we would like to celebrate it by giving you more opportunities to practice your learning during the week. 


How? Asking you to bring along a loved-one to the class. If you enroll for the whole term, your kid (over 12 y/o) can join you for free at the 6:00pm class, or you’re partner will receive a 20% discount when join in any class. 

By doing this we would like to increase your opportunities to use the basic expressions that we have been learning at home. Pr. Kommi Tamati-Elliffe will teach you a very special karakia that you can sing together for make your everydayness shine.

This term we’re offering two evening classes on Mondays:

Mondays, 6.00 – 7.00pm (60 min)
From August 13th to October 1st (8 weeks)

Mondays, 7.15 – 8.15pm (60 min)
From August 13th to October 1st (8 weeks)

Remember to specify which class you would like to attend when booking your place. Class description and enrollment information available at https://hvcc.org.nz/workshops/

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