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Building Fundamentals

An article written by local architect John Chaplin

Building Back Smarter

Build Back Smarter provides homeowners with free advice on making their homes warmer, drier, healthier and cheaper to run.

Homeowners simply need to contact a Build Back Smarter provider, who will arrange to visit and prepare a Healthy Home Improvement Plan tailored to the homeowner’s needs and budget.   This will include advice about insulation, heating, ventilation and lighting.  The providers can also provide advice on eligibility for any grants that may be available such as EECA’s Warm Up NZ: Healthy Homes insulation programme.

Build Back Smarter is available to all homeowners and landlords in the Greater Christchurch area.  We especially encourage people to get a Healthy Home Improvement Plan in advance of any outstanding earthquake repairs.

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Building with ageing in mind

People in Canterbury who are planning to re-build or renovate their earthquake damaged homes are encouraged to consult with Enable New Zealand advisors about future-proofing their design, to accommodate their changing needs over their lifetime.

Enable New Zealand has recently been contracted by the Office for Senior Citizens, Ministry of Social De-velopment and the Ministry of Health to provide free professional, impartial advice to encourage lifelong design. Lifelong design means reducing or minimising the potential for the home environment to become a barrier for the person, as their needs change over their life.

Free advice is available for all older people, as well as younger people.

To speak to a professional advisor or book an advisor to meet with, contact Enable New Zealand at 0800 ENABLE, 0800 362253. This advisory service is also available to community groups.

MBIE Guidance on the repair/rebuild of your home

Mt Pleasant Community Meetings  

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls Class Action Update Sept 2014 Update 19 September 2014 & the judgement itself MichalikvEQC JudgmentofWilliamsJ

Retaining Walls Class Action July 2014 meeting summary Meeting summary. Proposed class action and details of how to contact this group here Flyer. Proposed class action

Your Land Settlement Factsheet FINAL

Publicly owned Retaining Walls

For information relating to the repairing of publicly owned retaining walls please see the link below:

Stuff article on retaining walls

Repairing Mt Pleasants retaining walls_A4 Version

Your Land Settlement Factsheet FINAL

Structural Building issues – advice from Helen Trappitt (Structural Engineer)

Please click here for Helen’s information