Hope River Pies

the pie you can crust ‘

                                 Artisan baker of gourmet pies


– Retail Price List – 

Steak & Red Wine

– with seared onions and rich stock                                                                $8.00 

Steak, Red Wine & Caramelised Onion

– tasty beef with pan-fried balsamic onions                                                  $8.00

Steak, Red Wine & Kidney

–  slow-cooked with sautéed lamb kidneys                                                    $8.00 

Steak, Red Wine & Cheese

–  slow-cooked steak with tasty cheese                                                          $8.00 

Steak, Red Wine & Mushroom

–  slow-cooked steak with fresh sliced mushrooms                                      $8.00 

Mediterranean Beef Mince

–  chunky mince with seared onions, tomatoes, garlic,

   and fresh herbs (plain on top)                                                                       $6.50 

Mediterranean Beef Mince & Cheese

–  as above, with tasty cheese                                                                          $6.50 


Lamb, Rosemary & Kumara

–  slow-cooked with tomato, garlic, wine and oven baked kumara

           and parsnip                                                                                        $8.00 

Moroccan Chicken (Free-range) *   

–  premium chicken, with our moroccan spices, chick peas & olives         $8.00                                                                                                           

 Country Chicken & Vegetable (Free-range)

–  premium chunks with corn and celery in a savoury cheese sauce         $8.00                                                                                     

 Thai Green Curry Chicken (Free-range)*

–  with green beans, coconut cream, fresh lime and coriander                  $8.00

 Chicken, Leek & Bacon (Free-range)*

–  premium chicken chunks, sautéed leeks & smoky bacon                         $8.00                                                                  

 Coq Au Vin (Free-range)*

–  premium chicken chunks in red wine, smoky bacon and button

   mushrooms                                                                                                  $8.00

 Broccoli, Mushroom & Feta

–  in a spicy cheese sauce, with kumara and spinach                                   $7.00

Roasted Vegetable Pie

–  with curry, coconut and cashews                                                                 $7.00

Moroccan Vegetable Pie*

–  pumpkin, eggplant, kumara, chickpeas, spinach and tomato

   with our very own Moroccan spices                                                             $7.00

Spinach, Sun-dried Tomato & Feta *

–  with garlic roasted potato and sesame seeds on top                               $7.00

Wild Venison, Bacon, Mushroom and red Wine*

–  Wild venison, with red Wine gravy…fabulous!                                          $8.50

Pork Belly…Portugese style*

–  Free range Pork, with Portugese spices and preserved lemon               $8.50

Pork Belly…White Wine & Sage*

–  Free range Pork, Wine, Sage, Bacon, Apple & roast Kumara                  $8.50

Hope River Fish Pie

–  fresh and smoked warehou, white wine, fish stock,                                 $7.50

   vegetables and a cheese sauce with grain mustard and lemon

        Mexican Chilli Beef, Sour Cream & Cheese

–  a medium chilli mince topped with sour cream and cheese                    $7.00

Lambs Fry & Bacon *

–  tender chunks, sautéed onions and smoky bacon                                    $7.50

Cottage Pie

–  lean mince beef, vegetables and potato and

   cheese topping                                                                                           $7.50

         Sausage Rolls

–  with Beef & Pork mince, caramelised onions, garlic & tomato                    $6.50

 Bacon & Egg

    Free-range eggs and bacon                                                                       $6.00

 * Indicates pies that are rotated on a weekly basis

*  Deal Price…6 pies for $42.00 *

…12 pies for $84.00 

We use no colourings or artificial flavourings. We only use fresh, local meat and vegetables slow-cooked with fresh herbs and spices