Orange at the Community Centre

The community centre and cafe  and markets are all open in Orange. Classes and community groups will meet as usual, but please contact your tutor or group leader for details about your class. We follow government guidelines and you will notice some changes in the centre while we remain in this system.


As we move into the new Covid-19 Protection Framework, the  Community Centre will operate according to the governments' My Vaccine Pass mandates. Therefore, we will adhere to the mandate that all staff, volunteers, tutors, class participants, event hirers, contractors and visitors will be vaccinated.  


You will need your My Vaccine Pass or valid medical exception to come into the centre. 


You may enter the Farmers Market without a My Vaccine Pass, but masking and social distancing remains compulsory. Much more information from the Ministry of Health about this system is here.


Changes you may notice include: 

  • compulsory sign in, either on the paper register or using the QR codes at entrances, this also applies to the Farmers Market 

  • 1m social distancing within the centre 

  • a limit on large events 

  • in Orange you are required to be masked for retail events and markets and strongly encouraged to be masked at other times

  • you will no longer be served at your seat in the cafe

  • extra cleaning before and after class, for some classes this may affect the length of your class as tutors need to make sure to clean before the next class arrives 


This page will be updated as things change - thank you for helping us keep everyone  in our community safer in Orange. The Ministry of Health has plenty more information about the mandates affecting the cafe, events and public facilities.  If you need assistance with getting your Vaccine Pass, the library can help. Additionally, any pharmacy that offers Covid-19 vaccination can print out your pass for you. This includes Sumner Pharmacy.


If you have any questions, please be in touch with us here