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Remembering the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake - The Mt Pleasant Experience

On the weekend of 20-21 February 2021, an exhibition marking the 10th anniversary of the 2011 Earthquake will be held at the Mt Pleasant Community Centre.

Saturday 20 February 9am to 4pm

Sunday 21 February 9am to 4pm

Reflection Gathering

Monday 22 February 11.45am – 1.30pm Reflection gathering followed by a walk to the Estuary nearby.

Please bring a simple floral contribution from your garden to either the Exhibition or the Reflection gathering.

The exhibition will be curated by local Mt Pleasant Residents. It tells the story of the 2011 Earthquake’s impact on Mt Pleasant residents and the Mt Pleasant area. It will include coverage of:

  • The events of that day

  • Damage sustained to Mt Pleasant

  • The early days of getting through

  • How people were affected, physically, emotionally, socially, and economically.

  • The many, many positive aspects of our suburb’s recovery since this time.


As an exhibition and future archive created by locals for locals, we need Mt Pleasant residents’ input in the following ways:

House Photos

If you have a photo/s of the damage done to your home taken in the early days post-quake please, mount these on light card A4 size. Include any information you would like to go with the photo/s which will explain your story. If you also have a photo of your rebuilt home, please do the same.

Please drop your display into the Community centre letter box in an envelope marked 2011 Earthquake Exhibition. Include the address of the home in the photo, your email, name, and phone number. State also if you would like your exhibit to be returned after the event. The photos will be exhibited in street and house number order. An example of how to put your display together can be seen in this document. (PDF download)

If you cannot manage the mounting, please provide your printed photos and story on an A4 piece of paper.

Photo printing is available at Ferrymead Pharmacy.

Electronic Photos

Please email an electronic photo of those in your exhibit to for the electronic archive we are creating. (We will not be printing from these photos due to cost).


Mt Pleasant Area Damage

If you have any photos of significant earthquake damage to your street or local area in Mt Pleasant please print a copy of it and mount these on light card A4 size. Include any information you would like to go with the photo/s.


Getting Through

Do you have any photos of how you managed to cook or get water or of any other everyday activity immediately post-quake that you would like to share? Social gathering photos are important too.


We are putting together a video of Mt Pleasant quake related material. We would like edited copies of any significant video you took during the quake or post-quake period (but not house damage). If so, please email to tell us about the subject matter of your video and the size of your file. We can let you know if we need you to get it to us.


What did the 2011 Earthquake mean to you?

Personal stories either in writing or spoken in a shared setting. Have you written a personal earthquake story you would like to share either spoken in a suitable forum or as part of a written Mt Pleasant Earthquake archive? You can also include your story as part of your house photo display if it is reasonably short – see House photos.

Art created during or because of the quake

Did you let your anxieties and frustrations out through art during our quake period? We would like to curate an exhibition of such art and would like to hear from you if you have an artwork you are willing to loan for this exhibition.


Earthquake Poetry

We know many people took to writing poetry as their creative outlet during the quake. Please share with us your work inspired by this volatile time.


Children’s and teenagers’ perspectives

It is important for future generations to learn how our children were affected by the many disruptions to childhood bought about by the quakes. Please share anything you feel was significant for your children.


Do you have one word?

Tell us the one word  you would use to describe the earthquake period. (feel free to use multiple one words!)

Precious Memories Display

Do you have an item of importance to you that broke in the earthquake which you have not the heart to through away? Drop it into the centre hall on Friday 19 February between 1pm and 4pm for display.


PLEASE NOTE: photo printing is at the exhibitor’s own cost due to funding constraints. This will be your invaluable contribution to a community archive of the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake.


All questions and submissions to

An example of how to put your display together can be seen in this document. (PDF download)

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