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Mapping Damage & Recovery in Mt Pleasant October 2012 - February 2021

Ten years ago, local industrial statistician Tony Aldridge  began to record and report on earthquake damaged houses in the Mt Pleasant suburb of Christchurch. Initially, during 2012 there were no publicly available facts on our houses. The official maps and results were either difficult to interpret at a suburb level, or simply did not match reality.
What many needed to know for their own decisions 

  •  how many earthquake damaged dwellings?

  •  how many being repaired?

  •  how many being rebuilt?

  •  how long would it take to recover housing?

26 surveys record the progress of 1,475 (90%) of houses after the 22 February, 2011 earthquake. How the surveys began, and why are in a background document. You can find the summary of all surveys and supplementary background here. (PDF download)

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